Gallery and Testimonials

Letters to Santa Paws 

Animals Helping People

On April 2010, Olivia Duron, at the age of 27 became blind with the complications of Leukemia. After such a painful and life-changing experience she was very excited to hear about the 12k's of Christmas and the rescue program. After being guided through a couple of trailers, she could not resist the sound of a little dog. She asked to hold him and the rest was history. This little dog's devotion and love have helped Olivia through her most trying times and he continues to give her strength daily. Olivia says "Gizmo healed a hole in my heart" and she asks everyone looking for unconditional love to visit the 12k's of Christmas event every year!
Olivia's grandmother, Cecilia Cornejo

Arizona Event of the Year

12k's was recognized by the event community here in Arizona to have the Event of the Year, as well as a silver award for Kid's Element and a gold medal for Merchandise.

"This deserves three: CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS! We are honored to have 12k's in Gilbert. Thanks for your continued leadership."
Town of Gilbert, Mayor Lewis

"The 12k's of Christmas supports Maricopa County Animal Care and Control's life-saving efforts. The recognition is very well deserved!"
Dr. Rodrigo Silva, Assistand County Manager, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

Congratulations! Your award is well deserved in terms of your exquisite organizational skills and the oh-so-necessary benefits  the event generates. We are grateful to have played a small part in this community service.
Betty Frable, San Tan Community Arts

From the Mayor 2013

A wedding proposal on top of all the other events? Wow, another great "12k" year. Thanks for making it happen. 
Town of Gilbert Mayor John Lewis

From Runners

Thank you for a wonderful (2013) event. It was very well run and we enjoyed it immensely. We're looking forward to more of your events.
Judy Seely

Another great time at the 12k's of Christmas (2013). Thanks to everyone who puts on this event. It is our favorite event of the year!
Jill Diamond


Thank you very much for the opportunity to volunteer. I had a blast! Everyone I worked with was very nice and the experience was very rewarding. It is not every day you get to see a man run 12 kilometers with a Pomeranian's leash in one hand and a Doberman's in the other. I am glad I could help.
Austin Eccleston, Campo Verde High School


I had to leave the race early and so assumed that I would miss my age group award.  I was pleased and surprised to get it in the mail.  Thanks for the extra effort and the great race.

Blake Sacha

Christmas Bazaar Vendor
I had so much fun yesterday! It was an awesome event - well organized, a good turn out, cute dogs and people in costume. Thanks for the chance to sell my stuff. Tim and I would love to do it again next year.
Nancy Reasoner

Run with Dog

I had so much fun at your race! This was my first time doing it and it took me an hour to get there, but it was definitely worth it. I really enjoyed having my dog Beau running with me. You guys really did a good job getting all the vendor booths there, the dog rescue groups, and really good food and drink - and lots of it. Many races run out or don't have a good selection. I will definitely be planning to run next year!
Lucy Bixler

High Fives
My husband and I had a great time running! This was such a fun event and we loved the carolers and bands along the route. I particularly enjoyed the kids giving all the runner high-fives. :)
Mandy Minette

My husband and I and our two dogs had a great time. This was our first year running the Christmas 12k. What a fantastic event! All the volunteers and runners were so friendly and the course was beautiful. Add to that all the Christmas Carols, vendors and animal charities, and we could not have asked for any more. Many thanks to you and everyone involved, the animals thank you too.
Kelly and Todd Dubasik

Spectators had fun
It was a great event. Part of our family was there the whole time we were running and they enjoyed themselves. They felt like there was enough for them to see/do.
Mandy Zajac

First Race
I just wanted to let you know that this event was AWESOME!  My family is already looking forward to attending next year.  Thanks for your hard work and constant communication.  This was my first race, and I went into it feeling confident because of all the information I had.  
Karen Greenberg